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Words starting with m

magnetic attractionmagnetic bottlemagnetic bubble memory
magnetic compassmagnetic coremagnetic declination
magnetic dipmagnetic dipolemagnetic dipole moment
magnetic discmagnetic diskmagnetic equator
magnetic fieldmagnetic field strengthmagnetic flux
magnetic flux densitymagnetic flux unitmagnetic force
magnetic headmagnetic inclinationmagnetic induction
magnetic inkmagnetic intensitymagnetic iron-ore
magnetic levitationmagnetic line of forcemagnetic medium
magnetic meridianmagnetic minemagnetic moment
magnetic monopolemagnetic needlemagnetic north
magnetic polemagnetic pyritesmagnetic recorder
magnetic resonancemagnetic resonance imagingmagnetic storage
magnetic storage mediummagnetic stormmagnetic stripe
magnetic tapemagnetic variationmagnetisation

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