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Meaning of odd
1. (adj.sat.) not easily explained; "it is odd that his name is never mentioned"
2. (adj) not divisible by two
3. (adj.sat.) an indefinite quantity more than that specified; "invited 30-odd guests"
4. (adj.sat.) not used up; "leftover meatloaf"; "she had a little money left over so she went to a movie"; "some odd dollars left"; "saved the remaining sandwiches for supper"; "unexpended provisions"
5. (adj.sat.) beyond or deviating from the usual or expected; "a curious hybrid accent"; "her speech has a funny twang"; "they have some funny ideas about war"; "had an odd name"; "the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves"; "something definitely queer about this town"; "wh
6. (adj.sat.) of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g.

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